Reality #2:  In 1994, Dr. Levinsky developed a theory for a special method to transform raw Leonardites into soluble humates (humic acid salts). With the help of custom engineered machinery and by utilizing a unique series of precisely timed tense environments, a new process was created that allows TeraVita to produce high quality humate products with a lower cost than traditional methods.  For the grower, this means that the use of soluble humates has reached a new level of affordability and it allows soluble humates to be successfully used through a much wider range of application techniques with improved economic returns.  The average cost per acre per year with these products is approximately $10 - $30 USD, but even more importantly, the results can begin to appear within two weeks after their application.  There is no need apply raw lignites in the fall in hopes that they may become available to the plant by spring!  Our soluble humates show consistent and positive results every season, producing harvests with much higher yields compared to the usage of raw lignites.     

Table 2 Comparing the characteristics of finished Humates manufactured with TeraVita's new technology using lignites from various deposits.

Indices of quality

New Mexico lignite

TeraVita Lignite Mix*

Russian lignite

Content of humic acids, based on dry matter,%




Insoluble part,%




Solubility in water,%




рН 0.01 % solution




* Since every lignite deposit has different characteristics, TeraVita has combined the beneficial attributes of several lignites and therefore, is able to produce end products of higher quality than ever before!

When compared to the lab analysis of each raw lignite used, the data of table 2 shows that our method of production converts the total organic part of each lignite into soluble humates, ensuring the highest quality possible in each final product.