Reality #4:  Humic and fulvic acids are compounds of one chemical nature and origin. Their fragments do not have principal differences in elementary content.  They only differ in their degree of polycondensation, or in other words, in molecule weight.  Based on the fact that in natural humus the content level of fulvic acid is statistically insignificant, the stated arguments that fulvic acids are more important for plant stimulation are fully void on scientific grounds. This is also confirmed by the well-known fact that the maximum effect of humic acid application is achieved through foliar treatment of the plants, when the humic acids are easy assimilated by the overhead foliage of the plant.  This myth is most often portrayed by commercial entities trying to sell "more value" to their product over the competition.  In a majority of cases, we have found that the actual fulvic acid content is greatly overstated by commercial companies, leaving even less credence to this myth!  Many various aspects of this ongoing topic will be covered in our Technical Articles section.  Click here to view an article on this subject.