Please note, this "book" has been translated into English from its Russian form.  Any small grammatical flaws that occur are simply the result of this translation

  1. Introduction

  2. The Theory Behind Humates

  3. The Effects of Humates on Crops

  4. The Effects of Humates on the Quality of Produce

  5. The Protective Effects of Humates

  6. The Effects of Humates on Soil

  7. The Use of Humates With Chemical Fertilizers

  8. The Use of Humates With Organic Fertilizers

  9. The Use of Humates in Poultry and Stock Farming

  10. Conclusion



     One of the most important biological activity factors of humates is the quality characteristics of the produce.  Wide research noted the increase in produce quality which was achieved in two independent ways: by accumulating biologically active nutrients and by decreasing the amount of harmful admixtures.  The latter happens due to the protective effect of humates and will be looked at in detail in the next chapter.      

     Nutrition value and taste quality of the produce depends on its vitamin, sugars, phosphorus, nucleic acid, and oil content.  Data published in the 1970s is summarized in the following diagram. (See Fig. 7.) 

                     Fig. 7.  Humates and the quality of  produce.


     We can see that an increase in the vitamin and sugar content takes place in the presence of the humates, and it determines taste and goodness.  Unfortunately, the quantitative data on the Irkutsk humates is not available yet, however, we have a number of interesting feed-backs from our foreign customers.  The New Zealand company “BioStart” tested our humates in vineyards and reported a considerable improvement in vine quality.  Farmer George Moala (Tonga) wrote to us, “I used your product on six hectares of watermelons.  Even though the increase in crop capacity was not tremendous, the watermelons ripened a week earlier, and, most importantly, I have never eaten such sweet watermelons.”

The use of humates guarantees high quality, vitamin-rich produce.

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